Avengers Endgame Tribute Art Series X Danny Schlitz

I was asked to contribute towards a tribute art series for Avengers Endgame where a number of artists each created a portrait for one character in the film (I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute 2). Danny Schlitz was the brain-child behind the series and created the the frame which was inspired by the Marvel comics covers for their 25th Anniversary.


The Magnificent Seven X Seven Samurai

As The Magnificent Seven is based upon the Seven Samurai, I thought it would be interesting to create create two posters that mirrored each other aesthetically.


Lord Of The Rings Travel Poster Series

I was inspired by the vintage travel posters that advertised locations across France from Paris-Lyon-Marseille (P.L.M.). I then applied the same style and aesthetic using locations in Middle Earth which related to each film in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.


Star Wars X Kill Bill Mashup

A mashup of Star Wars and Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 where Rey and Kylo Ren replace The Bride and Bill.